Friday, March 24, 2017

How to Preach a Wedding Sermon

Here is a basic guide for your sermon:

A few tips:

Keep it simple.

Keep your focus.

Keep it short.

Get your material from the Catechism of the Council of Trent on marriage. 

Take advantage of the teaching moment.

Remember that some or much of your audience has not darkened the door of a church in many years, if ever.  Gauge your audience.   

Address your sermon to the married couple.  Stay on topic.  Do not include topics that have nothing to do with love or marriage.  Do not rant.   

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Monsignor Richard J. Schuler, PhD in 1941

My mentor, Fr. Schuler.  Although he was a monsignor since 1970, he always signed his name: "Fr. Schuler."   

Seminarian friends in 1941: Monsignor Lavin, Monsignor Schuler, and Monsignor Dulac. 

Photo taken at the St. Paul Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota (incidentally, the same seminary that Archbishop Sheen graduated from in 1919, and where he frequently returned to preach retreats).

I was privileged to know all three of these eminent men of learning and holiness.  Nicest guys you could ever imagine.  Princes among men.

I can still remember Mons. Dulac giving lowly old me the pax at Solemn High Mass when I was an altar boy.

These men loved the priesthood of Jesus Christ.  They loved the Church.  They were very good at being priests.  They also gave their lives to the College of St. Thomas (today the University of St. Thomas).  They believed firmly in Catholic education.  

May their reward be heaven.  We, their spiritual sons and heirs, continue their legacy.  They gave their lives for the salvation of souls.   

Thank you to Fr. Tim Ferguson for the pic!     

Monday, March 20, 2017

Pastors: Be in Touch To Schedule 2018 Pilgrimages for Your Parish

You like to travel?  Would you like to introduce your parishioners to pilgrimage?

Join us as a chaplain.

Let me know what itinerary you are interested in and we can put something together for you and your parish.

john at

Friday, March 17, 2017

Montini, Ora Pro Nobis!

We are all seeing him in a new light.

Like him or hate him, at least he was Catholic. 

Missionary Bishops Consecrated in St. Peter's Basilica by Pope Paul VI in 1963

It would be terrific to see the historic rugs of St. Peter's used again.  They have been rolled away for too many years.   

Rome Quotes

"The vast majority of the people of Asia do not want communism; they are merely too apathetic to react against it.  So Asia sleeps while communism marches." 

-Bishop Walsh, 1949

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

What Music Should be Used at Mass? | Sum Nerdus

What is the Latin Mass? | Holy History

Servant of God Francis Xavier Ford: American Bishop Killed in Communist Prison

Did you know of this saint?

Pray for his holy intercession.

Name one of your sons after him.  

Hopefully Maryknoll will publish an edited version of his letters and mission reports.

Bishop James E. Walsh: American Missioner Saint

I live for the day this great man will be canonized saint.

Richard Cardinal Cushing of Boston had this to say of him: "I believe Bishop James Edward Walsh is the finest missionary to go forth from America in my lifetime."

Bishop Walsh spent his life as a missioner in China.  At age 28 he was named superior of the Maryknoll Fathers in China.  At age 36 he was consecrated bishop on Shangchuan Island, where St. Francis Xavier, the glorious Apostle to the Indies, died in 1552.

After the Communists took control of China in 1948, Bishop Walsh spent twelve years in solitary confinement in a Communist prison.  His is a precious witness.  I wish Maryknoll would publish in books the papers of Fr. Price and the other earlier missionaries.  Their lives were fascinating beyond belief.   

Read his biography.

Read his book

Tour the Maryknoll Mission Center

March 16 in Rome: Annual Palazzo Massimo Day

A rare glimpse of a private family chapel in Rome.

Image from the Internet.  

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Created Domestic Prelate by Venerable Pius XII in 1957

I trust the Archdiocese of Toronto will promote his cause for canonization.

Monsignor Vincent Foy, heroic Canadian defender of Catholic teaching, especially Pope Paul VI's encyclical Humanae Vitae, passed away on March 13, 2017.

Ordained priest in 1939, he was 101!

From Wikipedia: "He has consistently written and taught on the intrinsic evil of artificial contraception, and strongly upheld Pope Paul VI's encyclical Humanae vitae when the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops issued the Winnipeg Statement."


"So he sounded the alarm, loudly and repeatedly, inveighing against the Winnipeg Statement and all its pomps and works. By the 1990s, one heard jokes that there was no subject — from divine revelation to recipe books — that Msgr. Foy could not relate to the Winnipeg Statement. His dogged fidelity prevailed, and in 2008, the Canadian bishops consigned the Winnipeg Statement to history with a new document celebrating Humanae Vitae’s 40th anniversary, Liberating Potential, which called upon Catholics to “discover or rediscover” the wisdom of Paul VI and the Church’s tradition."


"For decades he has fearlessly articulated and defended the teachings of the Church – in a time of moral and doctrinal chaos in the Church in Canada.  He is best known for his untiring defense of Catholic teachings on marriage and family life, Pope Paul VI’s encyclical Humanae vitae.  His efforts have earned him a papal commendation and the Pro-life Man of the Year Award."


Marc Mero's Emotional Dream Big Speech

Monday, March 13, 2017

Rome Quotes

"The love of the missioner for the other sheep prompts him to go to endless trouble to help them; it is a ministry that provides ample scope for unselfish sacrifice."

-Bishop James Edward Walsh (who spent twelve years in a Communist prison in China)

March 9 in Rome: Annual Car Shows

There are a few nice car shows each year in Rome.  

Search online "auto d'epoca Roma." 

March 9 in Rome: Annual Opening of Room of St. Frances of Rome

March 9 is a great day to be in Rome.  Lots of events on the Feast of St. Frances of Rome, my birthday!

For any young ladies discerning a possible call to cloistered convent life, consider here.

It is open once a year on March 9, the Monastero delle Oblate di Santa Francesca Romana, a cloistered community of nuns in the heart of Rome.

Located on the Via del Teatro di Marcello, in the shadow of the Capitoline Hill.  The upstairs chapel is a must see.  

March 9 in Rome: Annual Feast of St. Frances of Rome Celebration at Basilica di Santa Francesca Romana in the Roman Forum

A wonderful celebration.  You must be sure to descend to the crypt underneath the Basilica to see her mortal remains. 

March 9 in Rome: Annual Blessing of Automobile Drivers on Feast of St. Frances of Rome (Patron of Automobile Drivers)

Since 1925, when Pius XI declared her the patron saint of auto drivers.  

The blessing is done on the Via dei Fori Imperiali, usually by Cardinal Sodano.

Priests Speaking Latin in Communist China

"The Communists now attempted to force the men to spy on the members of the Bureau, but Bishop Walsh and his priests protected both the servants and themselves by conversing entirely in Latin.  Whenever they forgot themselves and spoke in Chinese, the servants would plead, 'Please to keep on talking Latin.'  The embattled priests even played gin rummy in Latin.  Their library had been closed and cards were their only means of relaxation after supper.  Bishop Walsh would spin a card down the table and announce, 'Ego habeo reginam rhomborum.' ('I have the queen of clubs.')  The servants, when questioned now by the Reds, could truthfully say they understood not a word spoken by the priests." 

-Raymond Kerrison in Bishop Walsh of Maryknoll

Mother Pascalina, Pray for Us!

Cardinal Siri, Pray for Us!

Cardinal at age 46. 

President Trump Speaks: Here's Why They Hate Him

Amal Clooney: Do not let Iraq be another Rwanda

Rome Quotes

"The sun is shining. There are days when you just want to bask in the sheer Romeyness of Rome."


Bill Maher Exposes the Differences between Christianity and Islam

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Beauty and Desecration - Roger Scruton - Power of Beauty Conference

Happy 94th Birthday to Dr. Alice von Hildebrand!

A message from Dr. Alice von Hildebrand to her friends, on her 94th Birthday:

"My deep gratitude for their generous contributions and for having understood that to find the Truth is the great call of the hour. Christ did say: I AM THE TRUTH, and this is why He is hated. Thank you for your loving birthday greetings. May the last days granted me bring me closer and closer to Him." 

– Dr. Alice von Hildebrand, PhD

Source: Hildebrand Project 

March 9: Feast of Dominic Savio (Patron of the Falsely Accused)

St. Dominic, pray for us!

Pray for those falsely accused.  Such an injustice to suffer false accusation. 

Why Study Latin? (1951)

Friday, March 10, 2017

Mussolini's Car

Yours truly with Mussolini's old Lancia.  It is owned by the Italian military and kept in the EUR suburb of Rome.  A truly beautiful auto d'epoca! 

Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Arena at Carthage Where Sts. Perpetua and Felicity Were Martyred

Reading their passion narrative text is something all Christians ought to do.  Felicity was pregnant and Perpetua had a newborn son. 

In the photo is Vatican Radio's own senior correspondent Mr. Christopher Wells, kneeling in humble prayer.

Inside is an old chapel, with this targa on the wall.  Holy Mass has likely not been celebrated here since the French Protectorate ended in 1956.  The French arrived in 1881 and likely built this little chapel at that time, located in the center of the old arena.  

To get here, take a taxi from downtown Tunis.  Otherwise, it is too distant to walk.  It is located near the World War II Allied Cemetery.   Just tell the driver you want to see the Roman Amphitheatre of Carthage

Read more of these inspirational saints:,_St._Felicitas,_and_their_Companions